Studio 12 Photography is not just one photographer, We are a team of professional photographers, part of the reason we came together was to offer coverage for large events in one package and one place. If your event needs media coverage we can send our team of photographers to you and we will capture every angle. Having great photographs of your event is important, if it's a one off, you want to be able to remember everything that happened, and so will everyone there. But if you're planning to run another, you will have a much easier time selling tickets with some awesome photos!

We don't stop at photography, we can also film your events and create promo videos or something for your attendees to watch and remember. Please contact us for video work, our video section will be online soon!

What's more, if you would like new event publications such as posters, leaflets or any other design work made using our photographs, we can use our in house designer to create bespoke event publications. We work closely alongside each other marrying the perfect photos to the slickest design.

Music events

Our photographer Dan has a musical background, and so has a passion for shooting music events. There is something about the atmosphere that you just don't get anywhere else. If you're looking for some promo shots for your new band or you need a team to cover your festival, we've got it covered. 

Sporting events

Sporting events are all about fast action, and we don't have any trouble keeping up. Particularly with one of our photographers having a background in the military and military photography. We have specialist equipment for sporting photography which is required to capture razor sharp images at the height of the action, and from a distance where we are out of the way. This means we can get shots that your average photographer won't get so make sure you book now, before somebody else does!

Local events

We love shooting local events. We believe in supporting small and local businesses, and so we offer very reasonable prices for small events, we can tailor a package specifically to what you're doing so you won't be paying for anything you don't need. We can also offer on site printing services and a photobooth, so guests can leave with something to remember their day by.

Need Event Coverage?

Events photography varies based on individual requirements, so please contact us for your personal quote!